How to Experience Higher Mental States

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experience higher mental statesExperiencing higher mental states is no longer the mysterious realm of mystics and strange geniuses.

Today’s brain/mind researchers have identified the exact source of that strange sensation of a light bulb suddenly flashing in your brain — or an oddly pleasant buzzing sound inside your head.

What’s happening? You have simply slipped into the realm of  HQ — your Higher Intelligence.

What is HQ?
Your Higher Intelligence (HQ) is a fascinating mental state. While your IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) operate on actual neural (brain cell) pathways or networks — your HQ is a rebel.

HQ, your most creative and inventive mental state, and does not seem to use any connections between your neurons at all. HQ experiences are accompanied by a spontaneous vibration of your cortex (your thinking cap) like an electrified bowl of jello.

That “ah ha” flash of light probably IS very real inside your brain, as suddenly your entire cortex is vibrating at a single coherent frequency, just like you ran a current of electricity through it.

Can HQ be Taught?
Interestingly, quite a bit of HQ experiences seem tied to the 7 Hz (cycles per second) and lower brainwave frequencies. And it also seems apparent tht an open A-T (alpha-theta)  bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious minds is esential. This could explain why your ah ha experience seems so fresh and remarkable — you have integrated two portions of your self that seldom meet face-to-face.

The secret of building your ability to experience HQ experiences is to strengthen this conscious-subconscious bridge. Check out=> A-T (alpha-theta) brainwave training.

Is Your Right or Left Brain in Charge?

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

You’ve heard the expressions “right brain” and left brain,” but do you know what these terms refer to? And what about “whole brain thinking?”

Your brain’s  cortex, your “grey matter,” is the source of your analytical thinking ability. Your cortex is naturally divided into two sides that are connected by a very complex mass of nerve fibers called the corpus collosum.

For most people the left side of the cortex (your “left brain”) deals with logical thinking — anything connected to words, numbers, reasoning, and analysis. It also tends to operate in the Gamma and Beta brainwave frequencies.

The right side of the cortex, (your “right brain”) on the other hand, focuses on imagination, images, color, day-dreaming, visualization, and pattern recognition. It tends to generate the Alpha brainwaves that are so highly developed in meditators and artistic types

There’s a common assumption that each used either our right-brain or our left-brain.  So if that’s valid, then someone like Einstein would have used his left-brain, while someone like the great creative master photographer Ansel Adams would have focused on his  right-brain.

Does this assumption hold up? Actually Albert Einstein and  Ansel Adams’ personal notebooks reveal otherwise. Einstein credited his greatest scientific insights not to left-brain logic, but rather to his right-brain highly creative daydreaming. And Ansel Adams credited his greatest art photographs not to his right-brain artistic eye, but  to his left-brain detailed analytical note taking.

Our most powerful mental activities actually use both sides of your cortex simultaneously — whole brain thinking. If you say you are primarily creative or intuitive (right-brain dominated), or analytical and logical (left-brain dominant), you’re just describing your most highly developed mental skill — and the side of the cortex that is you’ve most highly developed.

But with the proper training, the other side of your cortex can also flourish and develop. This has the potential to literally DOUBLE your mind power, and increase your ability to do the whole brain thinking like Albert Einstein and Andel Adams..

Get Immediate Results
There’s an outrageously powerful way for you to immediately refine the non-dominant side of your cortex. Great athletes do it. So do top executives, famous artists, and people from all walks of life who seek to excel in their lives.


Focus Your Mind to Achieve Any Desired Goal

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FREE Minf Power Book

FREE Mind Power Book

I was literally broke just 13 months ago… But then I rapidly earned over $250,000… How did I do it?

It wasn’t rocket science… You just have to do CERTAIN THINGS, consistently, everyday… You can’t expect success by doing the same things that lead you to failure

Read the following quote from MIT scientist Stuart Lichtman that changed my life:
What’s the reason you haven’t yet achieved what you want? It’s not your parents, it’s not your friends, it’s not your spouse, and it’s not your “bad luck”… It’s not the world’s economic situation, it’s not the competition, it’s not your boss… and it’s not the president… The reason is YOU… To be more exact, the reason is in your mind… and the things you do everyday…”

So, how did I finally do it?

First, I gave my mind a brand new, positive, empowering shift.

You have to know what you really want. Instead of focusing on 3-4 goals at once, focus in ONLY 1 goal you want to accomplish in the next 30 days.

Write the goal in a piece of paper, in this format:

In my case, it was a monetary goal, so I wrote…
“By the first day of January 2009, I’ll have in my possession $250,000, which will come to me in various amounts. In return for this money, I will have done whatever is necessary and appropriate in my business (describe the business you already have or intend to build) in an easily and fun manner.”

Spend at least 30 minutes creating a mental picture of you having achieved your goal in the exact date specified.

You will have to close your eyes and make it as vivid as possible, involving all 5 senses (smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste) as fully as possible in the picture you create in your mind’s eye.

The Focus Primer: You have to read aloud your description and re-create your mental picture twice a day. First thing upon waking up, and 10 minutes before bedtime. This is how the mind works. Give it a target and it will hit it.

Now here comes the best part…

Translating Goals into Immediate Actions
Most people’s goals are nothing but weak desires. As a result, they will always find excuses to stay within their comfort zone and put it off. The ultimate way to achieve a goal you want lies in ACTION.

The 48 Hours Challenge
Grab a blank piece of paper and divide the page into two. On the left side, write the goal you want to achieve in the next 30 days. And on the right, list down 5 things you can do to bring you closer to your goal. Ensure that you have one task that you can carry out immediately upon finishing this exercise.

And for the other 4 action steps you have listed, assign the specific time and date that you will have it done, within the 48 hours assignment period.

Once you have done that, pin that piece of paper on your bathroom mirror and start working on that first task you have set. Get it done before continuing reading the rest of the report.

They say that taking the first step is the most difficult one. We are often held back by inertia. The moment we start taking the first few steps towards a goal, we will gain momentum and continue on until we realize it.

By taking on the 48 hours challenge, to act on 5 action steps within 48 hours of setting the goal, you break out of your comfort zone and excuses and you are telling your brain that you are SERIOUS in getting what you want! And at the end of the 48 hours challenge, set aside 3 hours to plan further action steps you HAVE to take EVERYDAY (excluding weekends) to get you where you want to be.

Getting what you want is easy. But if it’s as easy as I’ve said, why doesn’t everybody do this? For every 100 people who had read this article, only 1 or 2 will end up putting it into practice. Why? Everybody desires to succeed, but only a few are truly COMMITTED to their goals. Unless you truly want what you want… you will never take the necessary action outlined in this report… for there’s always something more important that comes up to fill up your time.

  • Are you ready to commit?
  • Are you ready to make the change?
  • Are you ready to get what you want? 

Author and online entrepreneur Joel Chue here… If you have NOT read my ebook “Mind Power Special Report”… and the Bonus Audio Interview with Mind Science Expert, then you need to go and download both FREE RIGHT NOW=>Download now.

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