Why You Should Just Do It Now

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dollarsmDo you need to make an important decision in the face of uncertainties? Here’s a winning strategy: Many of the financial gurus on TV and the web say we’re entering a period of great uncertainty. And many recommend we take action, and adopt new lifestyles based on living on less. This can be a tough decision.W. Clement Stone, who built an insurance empire worth hundreds of millions dollars during and just after the Great Depression, had his sales staff recite the phrase, Do it now again and again at the start of each workday.

Why did this remarkable millionaire do this? Because he realized that in both good and tough times, there can be an enormous cost of putting things off while you think, plan, and analyze a situation.

Stone was pro action. He continuously reminded his staff that they were only rewarded for results-for blasting through their negative assumptions and just taking action.

Once you have enough data to make a decision, Stone would tell you to just do it-immediately. And then to take action.

Too often many people delay making decisions because they’re uncertain it is the RIGHT decision. But in times like today, not deciding on an action plan could have some very negative consequences.

The secret, when faced with ambiguity and unknowns, is to break free of the cement of fear and at least take a step in the most promising direction. If you have no data to rely on in making your decision, look to your own personal experience and intuition.

Then just keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention, and honestly analyze what’s happening. Is your decision promising? If it turns out to be the wrong one, take the most promising corrective action. Stay flexible, aware, and in action.

The remarkable self-made millionaires I’ve worked with over the past 36 years would tell you this: When in doubt, act boldly, as if it is impossible to fail.

How can they say this? Because experience has taught them that moving toward success is NOT a straight line, and failure is NOT an acceptable option. They move toward success by making a series of decisions followed by actions … and then new corrective decisions and new actions … until finally they arrive at their desired state, or something even better.

In essence, these men and women have developed the ability to cut through any confusion and focus their mind on making decisions, taking action, paying attention, and doing what then proves promising.

Can YOU actually learn to make smart, profitable decisions like self-made millionaires? YES. Absolutely. This IS a learned skill! But you cannot learn this by reading books “about” decision making. It all starts in your brain, and how its wired.

My Millionaire MindPower online training program is a PROVEN approach to installing the actual brainwaves and thoughts of a self-made straight into your brain … in the comfort of your own home … and on your own time.

The system is based on my 36 years of experience working with some of the best decision makers around-self-made millionaires from a variety of fields.

If YOU want to make the decisions and take the actions taken by self-made millionaires, I encourage you to ACT.

Your Brain Composes Classical Music

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Quantum Mind Power GymOver the past decade the influence of music on our cognitive development, learning, and emotional well-being has emerged as a hot field of scientific study. Now a new question has come up: Does each brain have its own unique music?

The answer seems to be yes – with the tempo and tone varying depending upon one’s mood, frame of mind, and other features of the brain itself.

Recent research shows that if the *brain music* of an emergency responder such as a fireman is recorded and played back to them, it can sharpen their reflexes during a crisis, and calm their nerves afterward.

To further explore music’s potential relevance to emergency response, a USA Science & Technology Directorate initiated a study of a form of neurotraining they are calling *Brain Music.*

The study uses music selected to mimic an emergency responder’s own brainwaves to help them better deal with common problems like insomnia, fatigue, and headaches stemming from stressful environments. The underlying concept of *Brain Music* is to use the frequency, amplitude, and duration of musical sounds to move the brain from an anxious state to enter a more relaxed state.

The job was to first capture the listener’s brainwaves while relaxed and/or productive and alert, and then replicate the rhythm of their brainwaves using music. The researchers report that the music DOES boost productivity and energy levels, and trigger the body’s natural positive responses to stress.

It seems there’s a classical genius-or maybe two genii-in all of us. The resulting two- to six-minute minute musical tracks lean toward the classical. The relaxation tracks tend to sound like *melodic, subdued Chopin sonatas* … while the alertness tracks tend to have more of a *Mozart sound.”

So this brings up an interesting thought: Is this is an indication that the great classical composers just listened to their own brainwaves to compose their music. Humm… What do YOU think…


How Can I Build Millionaire Mind Power?

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failuresignDo you want to become a millionaire – or do you have a dream of at least being more prosperous? A recent Merrill Lynch report revealed 600,000 new millionaires were created in ‘07, for a total of 10.1 million worldwide. That’s 1,648 new millionaires each day, or sixty nine new millionaires every hour.Now … ten million might seem like a large number, but this is actually less than one-fifth of 1 percent of the world’s population. So … how do people actually manage to become a millionaire? Consider the below research-based facts:

1.Fewer than 1% become a millionaire by winning a lottery or lawsuit, or as an elite athlete or entertainer.
2.Interviews have revealed that 80% of the people around the world that become a millionaire have little or no college education. But they have obviously done something special — build millionaire mind power.
3.One interesting report claims that 5,000,000 of those who managed to become a millionaire between 1992 and 2000 just took something they naturally enjoy, and focused four or more hours per week finding a way to get rich for doing it.

Can you imagine? It is being estimated that by the end of this year another 700,000 or more people will become a millionaire — regardless, or maybe because of, our challenging financial times.

That means that TODAY 1,923 people will become a millionaire. And about half of them will do this JUST because they selected a natural passion or interest, and focused four or more hours per week finding a way to get rich for doing it. In short, they have taken action to build millionaire mind power and put it into action.

So … if you’re not one of these new millionaires, let’s consider how you might BECOME one of them. Assuming you are not about to win the lottery or get an inheritance from your Great Aunt Betty, how can you get yourself in gear to actually become a millionaire?

The first thing to face up to is this: If you had the focused mindpower of a millionaire, you would have already become a millionaire. This is not meant to insult you, but just to create a jumping off point for what follows.

The level of mental focus present in those with millionaire mind power permits the millionaire or millionaire to-be to cut through the constant chatter of our human minds and do something very important – make a decision.

This is the starting point. If you truly want to become a millionaire, start by making a decision to COMMIT yourself to actually achieve your dream. Do it today, and you have taken your first step to build millionaire mind power.

Editorial Note: If you would like to learn more about how you can install the mindpower of self-made millionaires into your own brain, we recommend you go check out this great science-based information website.


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