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Quantum Success CourseCertified Life Coach Training

Are you struggling with the financial challenges of today’s economic downturn?

Many folks are turning to a new profession — working as a certified life coach in their own personal field of specialization.

What is a Certified Life Coach?

The first question might be: What IS a life coach? And only secondarily, what is a certified life coach?

In the simplest possible terms, a life coach may specialize in anything.

If you have built a great dog training business, for example, you might want to offer coaching to teach other people how to set up their own dog training business. The same is true for virtually any specialization — from small business, to dealing with personal challenges, or even preparing your homw for sale. The field of personal
coaching is wide open.

There are basically TWO secrets to doing well as a life coach.  The first is picking a field of interest
you are truly interested in and have some skill in. The second is more challenging – presenting yourself as a credible resource.

How to Become A Certified Life Coach

Becoming a cdertified life coach can cost thousands of dollars. But there is an alternative.  Mike Litman and Steve G.
Jones have created an amazing life coaching certification course that can solve the certification challenge.

How would YOU like to be certified by Mike Litman as a trusted resource in your field?

Mile and Steve have done something truly amazing. Their certified life coach program is destined to retail for $675.
BUT — You can now enroll for the ridiculously low price of just $77 if you respond quickly!

That’s nearly 90% off the normal price of $675!  They can only take a limited number of students so
act now before the price goes up.

If this fits your vision, I encourage you to Enroll Today, at almost 89% Off —Click Here!

Similar life coaching certifications will cost you thousands. Go ahead and search the internet for yourself. Why pay thousands when you can get certified by a BIG name for just $77?

Click here for a truly useful course that can give a huge credibility boost.

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Do You Have This Habit?

Ever wonder WHY you do what you do? It’s a habit!

It’s a HABIT!

An estimated 95% of our actions and thoughts are just a habitual and unconscious.

Initially we form a habit because something worked for us in a certain situation. But that’s no guarantee that habit is perfect for what’s happening in your life today.

If you find you’re running into the same challenge again and again in some area of your life – you may have habitual thoughts and actions you should consider changing!

Is a Habit in Control?

It’s easy to assume we have no control over our habits. But a habit CAN be replaced with a more desirable behavior.

  1. Start by increasing your awareness of the habitual action.
  2. Begin to notice when you “automatically” respond with anger or frustration to something in your relationship.
  3. Then start to consciously practice a new, more positive habit to responding better to that situation.

The old habit will gradually weaken as you replace it with a more conscious response – rather than an old “knee-jerk habitual reaction.”

Build a  Success Habit

Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, doctor of psychology and pioneer brain trainer, tells us it takes three weeks to a month to change a habit for a reason. Only at that point has your new habit been cemented into your brain as a long-term memory. Here’s a great solution to building a success habit!

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Every Thought is an Affirmation

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emotional painEvery Thought is an Affirmation

An affirmation is a good tool to stay on track to achieve your goals. BUT, have you ever noticed that your affirmation does NOT work all of the time? This happens because literally every thought you have is actually an affirmation.

So, you can spend three minutes telling yourself *I am focused.* But your powerful subconscious mind will go right back to its unfocused state the second you your 3-minute positive affirmation is over.

Do You Have A Negative Affirmation

Both negative and positive thoughts can serve as an affirmation. This is why it is so important to avoid negative thoughgts, which have the same power as a positive affirmation.

An positive affirmation alone will not change your life, and neither does depending on so-called positive thinking.  If you want some lasting changes, you need to literally re-program your brain.

Building a new habit requires shifting a new thought or action into a long-term memory. It takes from three to four weeks of daily action to build a stable long-term memory, but once it’s stored on your neural networks it will be stable.

Add This to Your Affirmation

So – here is a tip on getting more of what you want in your life: In addition to your affirmation, use another tool to further reprogram your mind. Write your goal on an index card and post it or carry it with you. Read it aloud several times a day.

 The process of writing, reading and speaking engages more of your brain power than just repeating an affirmation. And it is especially good to do your affirmation first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed each night.

Go Beyond a Mere Affirmation

Posted by Jill Ammon-Wexler
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