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Brainwaves & States of Consciousness

Each and every thought or memory you have has a corresponding brainwave – an electrical signal that passes through your brain and triggers an appropriate memory, thought, response or action.

The goal of the QUANTUM MIND training program is to support you in learning to recognize exactly what mental state and combination of brainwaves YOU are currently experiencing. From this you will develop the ability to create any combination of brainwaves at will — including higher states of consciousness, and any combination appropriate for your current goal (instant deep meditation, creative awareness, etc).

Human Consciousness

There are six easily recognized states of human consciousness:

Deep Sleep
Dreaming Sleep
Conscious Wakefulness
Instantaneous Insight
Transcendental Consciousness

Each of these six states of consciousness represents an increased direct personal experience of the nature of reality, and is said to move us closer to the ideal state of enlightenment.

Deep sleep is the first level of consciousness, and occurs when your brain is producing very slow Delta brainwaves. During deep sleep there is some awareness, and we can still respond to such external stimuli as sound, bright light, or touch. However for the most part, during deep sleep our sensory perception is primarily turned down, and we experience very little cognition or thinking.

The second state of consciousness is dreaming. During dreaming we produce REM (rapid eye movements) and spikes into the faster brainwave frequencies. We are a bit more conscious and alert than during deep sleep. Dreams are definite experiences – we see images and patterns, perceive sounds, and can even think and analyze during dreams. Dream reality poses something of a mystery. The Buddha is quoted as having said: “Am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I am a man.”

The experience of conscious wakefulness is the mental state we tend to spend most of our waking time in. Measurable brain activity during the waking state of consciousness is quite different when compared with brain activity during both sleep and dreaming. Common wakefulness brainwave activity is dominated by Beta and Gamma brainwaves, perhaps with some Alpha spikes.

The fourth state of awareness is instantaneous insight. This is the state of consciousness we experience when we have an instant insight, often accompanied by a sensation of a light flashing in the brain, or a vibration or pressure across the top of the head. This state of mind is entered through a state of relaxed awareness dominated by Alpha and some Theta brainwaves. The sensation of light flashing in the brain is an explosion of energy created by a massive neural connection. The feeling of pressure across the top of the head is sensed as the entire cortex vibrates in a single coherent frequency – like the shaking of a bowl of jello.

The fifth state is content-free restful alertness, often referred to as transcendental consciousness. This state usually occurs during deep meditation when we become, even for a moment, absolutely still and focused in the quiet gap between our thoughts. This state occurs as the mind momentarily aligns with the Unified Field of Consciousness — the one source of infinite intelligence and creativity. In this state the the self is only aware of itself, and is devoid of all thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Your self-awareness is intact, yet there is no sense of time, space, or your body.

This mental state has a corresponding brainwave corresponds to an integrated brain state in which the left and right hemispheres are totally balanced and the Schumann gate is open. Conscious Delta brainwaves are present, and levels of Theta and Alpha are elevated and integrated through activity in the Schumann frequency (7.87 cps).

The sixth state of consciousness is enlightenment, a meta-level of awareness characterized by the persistent presence of Transcendental Consciousness throughout all of one’s activity – waking, sleeping, and dreaming. To my knowledge, no brainwave studies have been performed of this state of consciousness. I personally know only one person whom I can attest lives in this state of enlightenment and constant bliss – Sri Anandi Ma – but I have heard of others.


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