Is Your Right or Left Brain Dominant?

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Which Brain is in Charge?

Your brain’s  cortex is the source of your analytical thinking ability. Your cortex is naturally divided into two sides that are connected by a very complex mass of nerve fibers called the corpus collosum.

For most people the left side of the cortex (your left brain) deals with logical thinking — anything connected to words, numbers, reasoning, and analysis. It also tends to generate Gamma and Beta brainwave frequencies.

The right side of the cortex, (your right brain) on the other hand, focuses on imagination, images, color, day-dreaming, visualization, and pattern recognition. It tends to generate the Alpha brainwaves that are so highly developed in meditators and artistic types

Which Brain  Are You Using?

There’s a common assumption that we each habitually use either our right-brain or our left-brain.  So, if that’s true, then someone like Einstein would have used his left-brain, while someone like the great creative master photographer Ansel Adams would have focused on his right-brain.

Right? But does this assumption really hold up?

Actually Albert Einstein and Ansel Adams’ personal notebooks reveal otherwise. Einstein did not credit his great scientific insights to left-brain logic, but rather to right-brain highly creative daydreaming. And Ansel Adams credited his greatest art photographs not to his right-brain artistic eye, but to his left-brain detailed analytical note taking.

Whole Brain Thinking

If you say you are primarily creative or intuitive (right-brain dominated), or analytical and logical (left-brain dominant), you’re just describing your most highly developed mental skill — and the side of the cortex that is you’ve most highly developed.

Our most powerful mental activities actually use both sides of our cortex simultaneously — generating whole brain thinking.

With the proper training, both sides of your cortex can flourish and develop. Whole brain thinking has the potential to literally DOUBLE your mind power, and increase your ability to do creative thinking like Albert Einstein and Ansel Adams.

Get Immediate Whole Brain Results

There’s an outrageously powerful way for you to immediately refine the non-dominant side of your brain and experience more whole brain thinking.

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