How to Guarantee Your Own Success

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ligthbubHere’s a real story about the difference confidence can make in your life. A very shy young man by the name of Kent Sayre graduated with a master’s degree in computer science and went to work for a major high tech company.  

But he had a passion for achieving more in his life.  After discovering some breakthrough methods for transforming himself, Kent overcame his shyness, became a successful real estate investor,  and went on to write a groundbreaking bestselling book about how to guarantee your own success.

Here’s what this remarkable self-made man has to say about self confidence and success:

There is a single component that separates people who are successful from people who are not.  That component is confidence.  People who have confidence make their dreams come true.  

The key to living your dreams is having confidence.  With unstoppable confidence you WILL live your dreams, because you will take action and persist until you get there. Your dream is very possible when you have that ultimate belief in yourself and what you are doing.  

A study done in the 1950s by Harvard University showed that only 3% of a particular graduating class  had written goals.  Thirty years later that same study  followrf up to see how the 3% of people fared. The researchers found that: The 3% Of People With Written Goals And Confidence To Act Upon Them Had Financial Fortunes Worth More Than The Entire 97% Of The Rest Of The Class!

This is really an astounding number. It demonstrates not only the power of having a written goal, but also having the confidence to pursue that goal. Confidence is absolutely essential — as long as you have the confidence to take action and really go for it, you virtually guarantee your own success.

Imagine yourself leading your ideal lifestyle.  This is very possible when you have the confidence to set aside all limits and any obstacles you may encounter, and simply go after your dream.  Do you want to guatrantee your own success…

Kent Sayre is the author of “Unstoppable Confidence.”  This remarkable book has sold over 31,000 copies. Kent guarantees it will double your confidence, or you PAY NOTHING.  Kent is also the creator of Hypnosis MP3’s which you can download immediately to change your life.


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