The Shocking Truth About Cancer

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 Cancer…Here’s The  Shocking Truth

By Madison Cavanaugh

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of our time. It strikes anyone of any age, whether you lead a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle; whether you exercise regularly or are a couch potato.

But here’s the shocking truth that most people don’t know: No one actually dies of cancer.

Some people die from complications caused by conventional cancer therapies … but it’s NEVER cancer that kills them.

So what really happens when someone “dies of cancer?” It means their immune system stopped working. It’s rarely the presence of cancer cells or tumors that kill anyone. Cancer cells come and go. We all have cancer cells existing in our body, but those cells usually don’t multiply into the full-blown disease … unless our immune system is compromised.

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are NOT the answer. Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini states that according to his polls and questionnaires, “75 percent of doctors say they’d refuse chemotherapy if they had cancer … because it is NOT a cure, is ineffective and has devastating side effects.”

One medical journal, Clinical Oncology, published the results of a December 2004 study showing that chemotherapy is not a cure, and has a success rate of just over 2 percent for all cancers! That’s a FAILURE rate of 98%!

Can Cancer Just “Go Away?”

In November 24, 2008, the New York Times reported that cancer researchers have known for years that it’s possible for some cancers to be cured on their own. There were cses of melanomas and kidney cancers just vanishing spontaneously. Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood tumor, has also been shown to sometimes go away without treatment.

Food for Thought
Metaphysical scientists believe that whatever one focuses on grows. Therefore, when cancer is diagnosed and treated, intense mental focus is centered on the disease, and the cancerous condition may well become exacerbated rather than healed.

New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden, a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, states: “Everywhere we look, consciousness will put something there for us to see. If you are awake and conscious, you are creating. So, what does it mean when you are trained to look for something you don’t want? What does it mean to keep looking for a lump in a breast?”

A Natural Answer?
The fact remains that the human body is designed to heal itself. BUT the body heals itself automatically ONLY when it’s supplied with everything it needs to do its job.

The most essential element your body needs in order to cure any disease is oxygen. Sadly, most people living in modern societies are deficient of oxygen. And a second factor is stress — which can keep your body from functioning properly.

More than 15,000 European doctors have healed millions of patients using a simple inexpensive cure, and over 6,100 articles have been published in European scientific literature hailing the success of this simple, inexpensive therapy.

Yet this information has been aggressively suppressed in the United States — and American doctors who have dared to use it to cure a wide variety of “incurable” and life-threatening diseases have come under heavy attack.

The Key to Cancer Spontaneous Remission

It stands to reason that when you (1) keep your body oxygenated, and (2) minimize stress, that could possibly be the recipe for spontaneous remission of almost any disease.

Many natural health practitioners believe that cancer treatments offered by orthodox medicine are extremely damaging to the body — especially the immune system, which is the only system in the body that can restore the body to health and optimum functioning.

In short: People don’t actually “die of cancer.” They die because of immune system failure. Oftentimes, their immune system is suppressed and severely compromised because of unhealthy lifestyles or treatments — and this prevents their body from healing itself the way it was designed to do.

BUT if your immune system is strengthened through oxygenation and stress minimization, there’s almost no disease that your body cannot heal. You must read this=> Click Here to Learn More!

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Madison Cavanaugh is the author of The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, which presents a natural therapy for creating a condition that strengthens the immune system, thereby enabling the body to heal itself of practically any disease. Click Here to Learn More about Cancer!

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