Can You Develop Telepathic Abilities?

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Does telepathy Really exist?

 Many mainstream scientists insist that modern field theory and quantum physics suggest there is one universal  consciousness that we ALL think into. It could be  that some people are simply more plugged in, and  use this to increase their IQ and creativity to genius levels.

The World Future Society now forecasts that wireless technology will  be incorporated into our thought processing by 2030. They predict that we’ll soon be augmenting our brain`s 100 trillion inter-neural connections with high-speed virtual connections using nanorobotics.

If true, we’ll move far beyond the brain’s present natural performance capacity. This could allow us to greatly boost our pattern-recognition abilities, memories, and overall thinking capacity. We could even directly interface with computer-based intelligence, and with each other on a mind-to-mind basis.

Will We All Be Connected?
Researchers have already demonstrated that wired implants permit a person to move a cursor on a computer screen by just thinking about it. How long before such developments become non-invasive and wireless, and the interface involves two or more human beings communicating by thought alone?

This new future telepathy is being called techlepathy. It is predicted that the first generation devices will be unidirectional. The neural patterns of unspoken words will be transmitted to the other person before receiving the other person’s transmission in return, much like walkie-talkies are used.

Later pre-speech thought patterns will be transmitted. And ultimately, the transference will become seamlessly bi-directional, and will include consciousness and emotions.

By then it could also involve one or more persons, or as many as desired — much like an Internet of connected minds. Some experts predict that this techlepathy will become the primary form of human communication once it becomes widely available.

Will this also increase our IQ and creativity? Maybe. And will there then be hackers going in-mind from time to time, and mind-bloggers going openly public? Who can say? Perhaps we will be able to create personal mental firewalls to restrict any unwanted intrusion.

A Faster, Safer Way
Don’t want to wait 25 years? Want to also increase your IQ and mental performance now? There’s a way to develop telepathic abilities that works MUCH faster, and does NOT require an artificial implant.

People with telepathic and other unusual mental abilities such as out-of-the-body travel experiences generate a particular brainwave frequency that includes focused high Delta and low Theta. The same frequency is also tied to deep intuition and artistic abilities.


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