Why Does the Law of Attraction Backfire?

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How to Get What You WantThe Law of Attraction often seems to backfire, and bring what you do NOT want into your life. Here’s why, and an unusual solution.

You hear a lot  today about using the Law of Attraction to get what you want in your life or business. But little is being said about the negative side of using the Law of Attraction to attract what you want in your life or business.

BUT, this negative side of manifesting is often far more powerful than the positive side that tries to help you get wnat you want.

Here are some questions I’ve  have received from folks:  

  • Eevery day I visualize, but NOTHING is happening.
  • The more I want something… the more I do NOT get it.
  • Why do I seem to always attract what I do NOT want.
  • It seems to work at first, then everything just falls apart.

Do some of the above questions echo what’s  happening to YOU? If so, you’re a experiencing the  negative side  of the Law of Attraction in YOUR life. Instead of managing to attract what you want — you attract more of what you do NOT want.

How the Negative Side Works
Anything you focus on sets your brain up to create more of the same. And the more emotion (both new and old) attached to what you focus on, the more likely you will actually manifest that something in your life — whether or not you actually want it.

This is proven scientific reality, not theory. The negative side of the Law of Attraction actually operates as a powerful negative goal setting machine. It creates subconscious goals to attract the very thing you do NOT want.


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