Do You Have This Habit?

Ever wonder WHY you do what you do? It’s a habit!

It’s a HABIT!

An estimated 95% of our actions and thoughts are just a habitual and unconscious.

Initially we form a habit because something worked for us in a certain situation. But that’s no guarantee that habit is perfect for what’s happening in your life today.

If you find you’re running into the same challenge again and again in some area of your life – you may have habitual thoughts and actions you should consider changing!

Is a Habit in Control?

It’s easy to assume we have no control over our habits. But a habit CAN be replaced with a more desirable behavior.

  1. Start by increasing your awareness of the habitual action.
  2. Begin to notice when you “automatically” respond with anger or frustration to something in your relationship.
  3. Then start to consciously practice a new, more positive habit to responding better to that situation.

The old habit will gradually weaken as you replace it with a more conscious response – rather than an old “knee-jerk habitual reaction.”

Build a  Success Habit

Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, doctor of psychology and pioneer brain trainer, tells us it takes three weeks to a month to change a habit for a reason. Only at that point has your new habit been cemented into your brain as a long-term memory. Here’s a great solution to building a success habit!

Posted by Jill Ammon-Wexler
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