A 2-Day Change Your Life Strategy

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changeYou hear stories about people who are on the edge of a cliff, but suddenly turn their lives around.

How do they do they suddenly change their life?

We all know we can’t expect success by doing the same things that have led us to the cliff’s edge. This is basic. So we can assume at least one thing – something changed for these people.

If YOU are ready for a positive and empowering change in your life, here’s a simple plan of action that will get you there with the least amount of struggle or pain…

First, select ONE lifew change goal you sincerely want to accomplish over the next 30 days.

Make it a SINGLE goal, not a collection. Write your goal right now on paper and include exactly what you want. Follow the below format in writing your goal:

If your goal is financial, it might go like this: “By the first day of December 2009 (specify the exact date), I will have in my possession an additional $5,000, (The exact amount) which will come to me between now and then in various amounts. In return for this, I will do whatever is necessary and appropriate in my business (describe your business, or the business you intend to create).”

Second, now spend at least 30 minutes creating a mental picture of having achieved your goal by December 1st. Remember… you are creating a picture you want your brain to clearly recognize and remember. So… close your eyes and make it as emotionally vivid and intense as possible. Use all of your senses (smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste) to create a mental picture.

Third, read aloud your goal and re-create your mental picture twice a day every day between now and December 1st. Commit to do this! Especially good times are the first thing when you wake in the morning, and a few minutes before bedtime.  Give your mind a target, and it will do its best to hit it.

Next comes the part of success most people skip – translating your goal into IMMEDIATE action.

Most people’s goals are actually nothing more than a wish or desire. Because of this, their goals are seldom achieved. If you REALLY want to achieve a goal you must take ACTION.

First… a 2-Day Challenge. Fold the piece of paper you wrote your goal on to divide it into two sides. On the left side list 5 things you can do to move toward your goal. On the right side write the exact time over the next two days you will take action on this item. Briefly describe exactly what that action will be.

Next, go to work on your first task. Get it done! Do not let procrastination take over.

Then, at the end of your 2-day challenge, spend an hour or two to plan your next 2-day challenge. The satisfaction you will feel from completing the first 2-day challenge will carry you into the second, and do on until you reach your goal.

Getting what you want is basically one successful 2-day challenge after another. So…why doesn’t everybody do this? For every 100 people who read this article, only 1 or 2 will actually do it.

Why? Although almost everyone wants to succeed, only a few are truly willing to COMMIT to their goals.

  • Are YOU ready to commit to YOUR goal?
  • Are YOU ready to make some CHANGES to do so?
  • Are YOU ready to truly TAKE ACTION?

If YOU are one of the few who is ready to go for it, here is one more tip:

Conduct a review of your current thoughts! You need to take charge of the internal messages your subconscious mind is broadcasting.

Failure to pay attention leaves your subconscious mind in control. Then your subconscious mind will simply continue to reinforce the same thoughts that created the reality you want to change

This takes no special abilities, intelligence or talent. No matter what your past or present situation, or how many times you might have failed to reach your goals, you CAN change things by simply paying attention to the thoughts streaming through your mind.

Give this strategy a try, and watch your reality shift! Change your thinking, and you change your life. Want to speed up the process by applying neuroscience insights? Break loose of your old limitations==>>Make a Change NOW!

posted by Jill Ammon-Wexler
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