REAL Examples of Time Travel

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bubbles1In August 1901, two Oxford professors, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, were walking through the gardens of the Palace of Versailles when they noticed a shimmering effect on the landscape. When the shimmering had passed, the women noticed that they seemed to have been transported back in time to about a hundred years earlier.

The people around them wore 18th century clothes and wigs, and were behaving in a very agitated manner. Eventually the vision faded, and the two women found themselves back in 1901.  Shocked at what they had experienced, they carried out some research and concluded that they had somehow witnessed the sacking of the Tuleries and the massacre of the French Guards during the French revolution in 1789.

So… can the veil between past and present be momentarily lifted? Would this also explain why some people say they can hear battle sounds at historic battle sites?  

What about Einstein’s theories?
Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that both distance and time are not absolute, but are affected by an object’s motion. This makes time relative. So if we could construct a spacecraft faster than the speed of light, in theory we could travel through time.

Physicist Kurt Gödel proposed an ingenious solution to Einstein’s theorems that allows for time travel. He proposed that timelines close back on themselves such a way that the distant past and the distant future became one in the same — creating whirlpools in which time wraps itself into a circle. Anyone moving along in the same direction of rotation of the whirlpool could find themselves back at the starting point, but backwards in time.

Does the answer lie in wormholes?
So… can we travel through time using wormholes? This is an idea that is being given serious consideration by some scientists. One hypothesis is that a wormhole could be a shortcut between two points – linking different areas of the fabric of time and space.  But can we time travel through wormholes?

The Philadelphia Experiment
And then… did the US Navy attempt time travel using a secret Tesla technology and one of their ships, and did the first experiment go terribly wrong?

Two experiments were conducted exactly forty years apart in August 1943 and August 1983.  During the 1943 experiment the US Eldridge was said to have disappeared completely for twenty minutes. This left a great number of people convinced that the Navy succeeded. Forty years later the experiment was attempted again, perhaps to correct what had gone wrong with the Philadelphia experiment.

Many researchers and scientific types have  tried to unravel the Philadelphia Experiment. The US navy denies it ever happened, and has classified all reports around the experiment as Top Secret. Was it time travel? Was it high tech? Was it all a hoax?

Transcending time in the mind
From a metaphysical point of view, time travel is not necessarily a physical endeavor.

In Yogic practices, mystics are said to be able to practice a range of miraculous feats such as bilocation, and casting energy forward or backward through time. Perhaps non-physical energy like thoughts can transcend time. It could be possible that the past, present and future do exist as one, and that some people are able to tap into the universal mind and see the future.

One thing is certain: The more scientists learn about the nature of reality, the more *slippery* the coments of past, present and future — or here or there — become. There’s other speculation that just thinking about the future is time projection. What do YOU think?

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