Achieving Financial Success

June 6, 2009 by  
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lesliehOne Family’s Real Answer to Achieving Financial Success. My husband and I just returned from Tahoe where we spent a few days brainstorming with a community of 40 like-minded people. Our topic? How to realistically build wealth in these uncertain times.

Since I decided to slow down and shift my focus as we prepare for our 7th baby’s arrival… now, more now than ever, I’m realizing that prosperity is NOT one-faceted.

There’s a need for rest and relaxation. There’s a need for rich, rewarding relationships. There’s a need for giving back, or service. There’s a need for good health. None of these have to go on our journey to prosperity.

In actuality, financial prosperity comes more readily when you’re at peace in the other areas of your life. You’ve heard, attitude is everything.. and that is truer than most people realize. For example, if I am stressing out, the things I need are literally repelled.

But if I calm down and put myself in a peaceful state, even though I have every reason to be freaking out, then the solution flows into my life almost effortlessly.

So it seems the most important initial effort is to calm myself down. Then I can get to work searching for a solution, KNOWING that because I’m calm, I will come up with a better solution.

It has been an amazing experience to choose to slow down and focus better on the family… because ever since then opportunities have come our way that have left us nearly speechless. What once took us a year to earn now comes to us in just one transaction… time and time again.

Not only do we expect to reach the goals we set… but we will far exceed them in new ventures we never realized existed.

I promise you as you learn to think according to the laws and principles of prosperity, the blinders literally fall from your eyes. You’ll be amazed at how you couldn’t see them before. Come discover the mind opening=> true principles of prosperity.