What’s Your Success Potential?

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If I asked you what you feel your potential for success is, what would you say. What do you expect? I mean really?

Last week I had an amazing experience down in Orlando, Florida. It was three exciting days in a drama-packed joint venture conference. One after another top self-made internet millionaires took the platform to weave their magic.

The rest of us were there to put together the fabric of joint business opportunities and visit with friends. Was the time and expense worth it? Oh yes. Many times over.

I was struck by many similarities among these top players. What were they? Well they all took the platform handsomely dressed in beautifully cut suits. They handled themselves well in front of an audience. And they were each very willing to share how they had achieved their unique millionaire status.

You might not recognize the names of these remarkable people. But I can tell you this. Combined, I would estimate they have been responsible for 80 to 100 million dollars or more of sales on the internet.

So are they worth listening to? Well I most certainly think so. And the common theme coming from these remarkable self-made leaders was this:

To grow your business you first have to grow yourself.

What does this mean? The message is really very simple. Your business or profession is a direct extension of YOU and YOUR actions. The ultimate success of taking your dream to reality status is totally in YOUR hands. And that means that, regardless of how good your idea or product, your success ultimately depends on YOU.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some remarkably successful people. And I can tell you this-success is not achieved by finally reaching your end goal.

The charisma and self-confidence that marks highly success people is a clue to what success really is. These people became successful by becoming the person that their goal belonged to.

They each identified their goal, committed to achieve it, and then set out to become the person that goal belongs to. They had to not only become the best at their specialty, they also had to learn to take the DAILY ACTIONS of a successful person.

They had to grow past anything holding them back, and literally recreate themselves. THAT is the superglue that enables these winners to do what they do. It’s who he has become that enables Willie Crawford to just decide to make a million over a three-month period, and simply do it. And that enables Joshua Shafran to create 50 million for his mentoring clients.

Neither of these men were born rich. Neither had years of privileged education. They started from the ground zero. They actually re-created themselves into successful multi-millionaires from the inside out. Are they now self-confident and charismatic? You bet. But they did NOT start out that way.

Here’s the point, then I will climb down off my soapbox. Regardless of what you feel are your limitations, YOU are ALSO a potential top achiever in your field. The only question is, will you GROW yourself into the person your goal belongs to?

Feeling bored, restless, or dissatisfied with the direction or circumstances of your life can actually be a very positive sign. It’s positive because it indicates you’re at a major turning point in your life-your “box” has become too small.

You know what a box looks like. It has four sides, a bottom, and usually also a top. It’s made to contain something within its limits.

So what do I mean when I say that if you are feeling restless and dissatisfied, it’s because your box is too small?

Each of us really does create our own box, or set of limits for our own life. These limits are based on our beliefs about our past experiences, and the rules we then create for ourselves to avoid future pain and failure. The box becomes our reality-a comfort zone that lulls us to sleep. Your box contains and limits your vision of what you really want, and how to get it.

So… if you feel sick and tired of feeling boxed in by your past choices, that’s actually a great sign. Your subconscious mind is telling you it’s time to bust out.

There’s a reason those successful self-made millionaires all have bookcases packed with personal growth materials. They know that YOU are the secret to your ultimate success-not your idea or product or profession or business. It’s all about YOU.

I would like to humbly suggest you take a look at my entrepreneurs guide to making yourself the person your goal belongs to. It’s called Smash Your Limits  for a reason. I hope to soon see YOU up on the success-achiever’s platform.

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