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Quantum Mind Power GymThe Value of a Thought
Do you have a desire to become wealthy? OK. Then let’s play a little mental monopoly game to set an imaginary value on your mental process.

Let’s suppose that for every thought you have, you either gain or lose a dollar. Assuming you have one thought a minute, every hour would then offer a potential $60 gain or a $60 loss.

Each successful 16 hour day would then equal a potential gain of $960. But on the other hand, a single negative thought like Forget it, I’ll never make it anyway might trash four hours creating a loss of $240 on your mental balance sheet.

So, can you see how important a single thought can be to one seeking prosperity?

The Power of a Thought
Your life is not just the result of the thoughts streaming through your mind. In truth, your thoughts actually create your life.

How can that be so?

OK. Suppose you were laid off from your job. Now it’s obvious you did not create the weak economy leading to that event. BUT you ARE in total control of how you respond.

Here’s how that works: Suppose you get depressed and just give up. Your response would obviously create a negative reality in your life.

But what if you instead take the tiger by the tail and start a new business on the web. You will have then created an entirely different reality in response to the exact same event.

Life doesn’t just happen to us. It’s our response to what occurs that creates our personal reality.

Think about this for a moment. You really ARE in charge of creating your own life.

The Thought Streaming Process
Many people go through their lives paying little or no attention to their active thought process. They are largely unaware of how their mind works: What it tends to pay attention to, what it fears, what it says to itself, and evenwhat it chooses to simply ignore.

For the most part we eat, sleep, work, play, laugh, worry, hope, plan, love, hate, cook, drive, work out all with little thought as to how we think, or even what we are thinking.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.
If we gave conscious attention to virtually every one of our movements or actions, we would likely overload our brain with unimportant decisions.

But there’s another level of thinking we should give intense, dedicated attention to the thoughts that create our life reality.

Thought Stream Focus
Successful people have success-focused thought streams. Wealthy people have prosperity-focused thought streams. Powerful leaders have leadership-focused thought streams.

Do you want to create a lifestyle more prosperous than your current lifestyle? Then you’ll have to develop and refine a prosperity-focused thought stream.

That’s easy to say, you may be thinking. When you’re successful it’s easy to think success, and when you’re rich it”s easy to think prosperity. But I”m not close to wealthy or successful. The conditions of my life are keeping me down.

Not so. There’s only one thing keeping any of us down our thoughts.

Your thoughts got you where you are today and they will keep you there, unless replaced with something more positive and powerful.

But, you CAN learn to direct your mind to create any lifestyle you desire.

The only true requirement is that you take action. Just wishing for something to change has no effect at all. You will always remain exactly as you are today, unless you take action, and change the focus and content of your thoughts.

Creating a Reality Shift
Assuming you DO want more prosperity, the place to start is by building a solid prosperity focused thought stream.

Start with a review of your current thoughts.

If you want financial abundance, but constantly think about your lack of money ­you’re focusing your thought stream on the wrong end of the abundance stick. You need to take charge of the internal messages your subconscious mind is broadcasting.

Failure to pay attention leaves your subconscious mind in control. Then your subconscious will simply continue to reinforce the same thoughts that created the reality you have today.

Focus on feeling prosperous. Do not give attention to mental thoughts of lack. Replace them immediately with thoughts of prosperity.

Does this seem too simple? True, this takes no special abilities, intelligence or talent. It only requires a decision to take control of your thoughts. That’s it.

No matter what your past or present situation, or how many times you might have failed to reach your goals, you CAN change your life condition by simply paying attention to the thoughts streaming through your mind.

Give it a try, and watch your reality shift.

Your lifestyle is a mirror reflection of exactly how you think. Prosperity consciousness doesn’t just happen. You create it. Or you just continue to accept the crumbs that life happens to throw your way.

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Why You Should Just Do It Now

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dollarsmDo you need to make an important decision in the face of uncertainties? Here’s a winning strategy: Many of the financial gurus on TV and the web say we’re entering a period of great uncertainty. And many recommend we take action, and adopt new lifestyles based on living on less. This can be a tough decision.W. Clement Stone, who built an insurance empire worth hundreds of millions dollars during and just after the Great Depression, had his sales staff recite the phrase, Do it now again and again at the start of each workday.

Why did this remarkable millionaire do this? Because he realized that in both good and tough times, there can be an enormous cost of putting things off while you think, plan, and analyze a situation.

Stone was pro action. He continuously reminded his staff that they were only rewarded for results-for blasting through their negative assumptions and just taking action.

Once you have enough data to make a decision, Stone would tell you to just do it-immediately. And then to take action.

Too often many people delay making decisions because they’re uncertain it is the RIGHT decision. But in times like today, not deciding on an action plan could have some very negative consequences.

The secret, when faced with ambiguity and unknowns, is to break free of the cement of fear and at least take a step in the most promising direction. If you have no data to rely on in making your decision, look to your own personal experience and intuition.

Then just keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention, and honestly analyze what’s happening. Is your decision promising? If it turns out to be the wrong one, take the most promising corrective action. Stay flexible, aware, and in action.

The remarkable self-made millionaires I’ve worked with over the past 36 years would tell you this: When in doubt, act boldly, as if it is impossible to fail.

How can they say this? Because experience has taught them that moving toward success is NOT a straight line, and failure is NOT an acceptable option. They move toward success by making a series of decisions followed by actions … and then new corrective decisions and new actions … until finally they arrive at their desired state, or something even better.

In essence, these men and women have developed the ability to cut through any confusion and focus their mind on making decisions, taking action, paying attention, and doing what then proves promising.

Can YOU actually learn to make smart, profitable decisions like self-made millionaires? YES. Absolutely. This IS a learned skill! But you cannot learn this by reading books “about” decision making. It all starts in your brain, and how its wired.

My Millionaire MindPower online training program is a PROVEN approach to installing the actual brainwaves and thoughts of a self-made straight into your brain … in the comfort of your own home … and on your own time.

The system is based on my 36 years of experience working with some of the best decision makers around-self-made millionaires from a variety of fields.

If YOU want to make the decisions and take the actions taken by self-made millionaires, I encourage you to ACT.