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Define your personal reality!

EVERY single thought you think has actual and very powerful creative power. This is the power behind the saying  that we are the source of all that is present in our life …  and is how we create our personal reality.”

Why is this so? Because the subconscious mind, by its very nature, accepts whatever we imagine to be REAL, then uses it to create our ACTUAL outer reality.

This includes the thoughts you think about what you want, or whom you wish to become. Likewise the thoughts you think about what you do NOT want will create, and cause the fulfillment of, exactly what you do NOT want. This is why I say that worry is powerful negative goal setting!

Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you WANT in your life. There is nothing at all new, strange or unusual about this success tool. You are already using it every minute of every day.

Designe your personal reality

Imagining what you want is like simply building a model before you build the real thing. These images actually direct the energy in your mind and body. Each of your thoughts radiates the essence of yourself out into the environment… and from there out into the universe.

And because of the power of visualization, it’s very important to develop your self-awareness of what you are thinking — so that nothing will come about in your life unless you consciously choose it!

Create a Better Personal Reality

You are the virtual creator of your life. Everything you perceive “out there” is a materialization of your thoughts, formed by YOUR energy into symbols of the inner you — your essence. Nothing happens that you have not called to you.

It is through this process that personal transformation Reality and empowerment occur.

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