Experience Higher Power of the Mind

Experiencing higher mental states such as *ah ha moments* is no longer the mysterious realm of mystics and strange geniuses.

Today’s power of the mind researchers have identified the source of that strange sensation of a light bulb suddenly flashing in your brain -– or an oddly pleasant buzzing sound inside your head.

What’s happening? You have simply slipped into the realm of your HQ -– your Higher Intelligence.

What is HQ?

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler here. Your Higher Intelligence (HQ) is a fascinating mental state. While your IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) operate on actual neural (brain cell) pathways or networks -– your HQ is a rebel.

HQ, your most creative and inventive mental state, does not seem to use any connections between your neurons at all. HQ experiences are accompanied by a spontaneous vibration of your cortex (your thinking cap) like an electrified bowl of jello.

That flash of light probably IS very real inside your brain, as suddenly your entire cortex is vibrating at a single coherent frequency, just like you had shot a current of electricity through it.

Can HQ be Taught?

Interestingly, quite a bit of HQ experiences seem tied to the 7 Hz (cycles per second) and lower brainwave frequencies. And it also seems apparent that an open A-T bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious minds is essential.

This could explain why your *ah ha* experience seems so fresh and remarkable -– you have integrated two portions of yourself that seldom meet face-to-face.

The secret of building your ability to experience HQ experiences is to strengthen this conscious-subconscious bridge through A-T (alpha-theta) brainwave training. Come discover the true power of the mind at the Quantum Leap Audios!

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Create a Better Personal Reality

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Define your personal reality!

EVERY single thought you think has actual and very powerful creative power. This is the power behind the saying  that we are the source of all that is present in our life …  and is how we create our personal reality.”

Why is this so? Because the subconscious mind, by its very nature, accepts whatever we imagine to be REAL, then uses it to create our ACTUAL outer reality.

This includes the thoughts you think about what you want, or whom you wish to become. Likewise the thoughts you think about what you do NOT want will create, and cause the fulfillment of, exactly what you do NOT want. This is why I say that worry is powerful negative goal setting!

Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you WANT in your life. There is nothing at all new, strange or unusual about this success tool. You are already using it every minute of every day.

Designe your personal reality

Imagining what you want is like simply building a model before you build the real thing. These images actually direct the energy in your mind and body. Each of your thoughts radiates the essence of yourself out into the environment… and from there out into the universe.

And because of the power of visualization, it’s very important to develop your self-awareness of what you are thinking — so that nothing will come about in your life unless you consciously choose it!

Create a Better Personal Reality

You are the virtual creator of your life. Everything you perceive “out there” is a materialization of your thoughts, formed by YOUR energy into symbols of the inner you — your essence. Nothing happens that you have not called to you.

It is through this process that personal transformation Reality and empowerment occur.

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Manifesting Your Intentions

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manifestingManifesting an intention.

Even if you have a flash of genius, that flash simply remains inside your head until it materializes because of an intention.

So the important issue is how it gets materialized. There are efficient ways and inefficient ways. The most efficient way is shown to us by the mind itself, says Chopra.

How to Manifest Your Intentions

Now consider a large intention, such as the intention to go to medical school. Between having this idea in your mind initially and fulfilling it are many steps, and these are not all internal at all: raising tuition money, passing exams, gaining admission, etc.

Yet each of these steps depends upon brain/mind operations being invisibly coordinated. You think, move and act using intention. All events take place in the mind field first and then exhibit their outward manifestation.

You can be detached from how things are going to work out because you have left it to the cosmos. Past success and failure don’t matter since each intention is computed afresh, without regard for old conditioning. You are able to be patient about each step, given that timing is worked out perfectly on another level.

Over the months and years of getting to be a doctor, you remain a silent witness as pieces of the process fall into place. Even as you go through the action, the “doing” of it remains impersonal.

On the ego level you may feel disappointment that event A occurred instead of event B, which you expected, but a deeper level you know that B happened for a better reason.

Your chief responsibility for manifesting was to have the intention in the first place, to remain as sensitive and alert as possible.

The turning points in life arrive as small signals at first… and only amplify when you choose to follow them. So being vigilant about tiny clues is a major part of your individual evolution.

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