How to Feel Great Every Day

May 5, 2009 by  
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elephant-and-bird-cassandra-gordon-harrisI’m about to show you how you can feel great starting right now. Sound too good to be true? Hang inĀ  you’ve got a pleasant surprise coming. Let’s start with what makes us feel good. Well it’s not pain, right? So that leaves the logical opposite pleasure.

Hey, I can hear you protest. Where’s the big pleasure button in the sky that I can push to make me feel good? Life is not the so-called bowl of cherries.

That’s a fair question. Let’s explore it together. Remember the last time you had a really B-I-G laugh about something? Maybe it was a funny movie, hearing a really hilarious joke, or some unexpected life event just tickled your funny bone.

I’m not talking about a chuckle at some lame joke. I’m talking about downright, pxx-your-pants laughter. The kind where you slap your thighs, double-over, and tears squirt out your eyes because you are laughting so hard.

Now that’s laughter. And do you recall how good you felt afterwards? Know why we feel good after laughing really hard? Because intense laughter actually gives all of our internal organs an awesome massage. In fact, a really good gut-twisting laugh is the equivalent of 15 minutes of intense aerobics. How about that?

But you don’t have to pay $50 to get into a comedy club to get a good laugh although it may be worth it at times. I’d like to share a less expensive approach with you, because I think all of us can use a good laugh.

Get a Good Belly LaughOK.
Our goal is to get you into a good 5-minute belly laugh. Many of us have had laughter conditioned right out of us. But it’s OK if you have to jumpstart your laughter with a fake laugh. Yep, it’s silly alright. But that alone is worth a laugh.

Isn’t the promise of feeling great worth feeling a little silly? Besides, the aerobic exercise means you can skip the exercise bike today. Right? So go ahead and start with a fake laugh if necessary. No chuckles laugh as big as you can. Here’s where some amazing things come into action. You know how natural it is to laugh when someone else is laughing? That’s due to a natural brain response. Well your brain is going to respond to your own fake laughter by producing the laughter neurochemicals that tell you to laugh even more.

Hang in with your fake laughter. Very soon you’ll find you’ve gone from fake to genuine laughter. And this is really worth a good laugh.

Laughter-Based Problem SolvingNow here’s where the REAL fun comes in. In the middle of your uproarious laughter, think about a problem or something that is bothering you. Then go ahead and laugh about it. Remind yourself that you have survived up to this moment, and this too shall pass. It will, you know.

Know what you’ve just done?
You’ve just conditioned your subconscious mind into linking deep pleasure and confidence with your ability to solve your problem. You’re going to have the pleasure of feeling your attitude toward that so-called problem shift … helping a positive solution fall into place.

Done laughing?
Pull in a couple of deep breaths and appreciate the extra flow of oxygen into your brain. You are about to have a fabulous day — with stress running off of you like water off a ducks back. Quack, quack.

There you have it. A proven-effective BRAIN-SMART SECRET of how feel great every day for the rest of your life. Do it, and you’ll get hooked. Guaranteed.

By the way, are you aware of the huge health benefits of laughter? Remember Norman Cousins book Anatomy Of An Illness in which he described how he laughed himself free of a so-called terminal illness just by watching funny movies and laughing hard?