Increase Your Success Energy with Powerful Sleep

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A lot of people feel tired, and blame it on not getting enough sleep or on other external factors. Basically, the fact that they’re tired is always out of control. What they don’t know is that there’s a reason for feeling tired, and that there’s a simple method to change tired to energized in a heartbeat….

Most of us feel tired during one of the following four situations:
1) After waking up in the morning.
2) After intense physical activity or long hours of work.
3) After sitting in one place for a long period of time.
4) During the evening, or in the late evening hours.

What do all these four situations have in common? There’s one very common process that happens in our bodies in all four cases. During all of these we all experience very similar symptoms of tiredness. These include yawning, rubbing our eyes, feeling sllooowww, and having the urge to just get into bed and sleep.

Why Do We Get These symptoms?

Our bodies have a natural temperature rhythm. Our body temperature rises when we are awake, and promotes feelings of alertness. Our body temperature also falls when we’re sleeping, and promotes feelings of drowsiness and a desire to sleep.

The natural DROP of body temperature in our bodies is a CUE for our body to produce feelings of tiredness, drowsiness, and the strong urge to sleep. I call this the natural sleep response.

When we’re exercising or putting excessive physical demand on our body, our body temperature RISES rapidly.

However, when you END the physical activity, there is a RAPID body temperature DROP until your body temperature regulates sometime after. It’s during this DROP that most of us think there’s no other way out but to sleep, and we usually jump into bed and do just that.

The feeling of the body temperature drop after long hours of work is usually mistaken by us as a deep need for sleep. In reality, we don’t need to sleep, we just need to cool down. Allow me to give you a personal example:

As a kid I used to work at a FULL SERVE gas station for 8-9 hours in a row. This meant I had to be on my feet running around pumping gas for 8-9 hours with one 10 minute break. It was hell. Even when I had the early morning shift I would come home and feel TOTALLY DRAINED and TIRED, I usually fell asleep and slept till the evening.

However, as I began learning the inner science of our sleep system and the inner sleep clock, I tried a little experiment one day. Instead of going to sleep I came home and played fetch with my dog out in the yard for about 45 minutes instead. To my surprise, after just a few minutes of a little light activity throwing a plastic chewed up Frisbee across the backyard, the feeling of tiredness faded and I was able to stay awake and alert WAY into the early morning hours.

How did this work?

I simply allowed my body temperature some time to return back to the normal pattern. I gave it time to come down. When it returned back to normal, I didn’t feel tired and the intense pressure to sleep faded.

This same body temperature drop happens after you sit in one place for a long time. Listen, you could take a person who is robust, athletic, and naturally energetic, but if you put them in front of a TV for 3 hours, THEY WILL GET TIRED! This is simply because our body temperature drops when we’re NOT MOVING.

That’s why the biggest antidote to feeling tired is exercise and movement, NOT SLEEP.

During the morning our body temperature is low too, which creates feelings of drowsiness and tiredness, however, most of us chose to mask this feeling by consuming large amounts of caffeine. The other main temperature drops happen in the afternoon, and in the mid-evening.

In the Powerful Sleep system I describe the EXACT methods to gain a full understanding of your body temperature rhythm, so you can create a quick RISE of body temperature in the morning, and delay the body temperature drop in the evening. This allows you to stay awake and ALERT longer, have more energy and MORE TIME time is a precious commodity.

Kacper Postawski is an innovative sleep science researcher and the creator of the Powerful Sleep Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock which can teach you how to sleep up to three hours less per night and have more energy, not less. Read more by clicking here.

By Kacper Postawski, Creator of Powerful Sleep


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Double Your Brain Power

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blueman110Do you think you have an average or perhaps an above average mental capacity?Actually you have far more brainpower than you can begin to imagine. You have close to, or perhaps even beyond, genius potential.

You don’t believe me? The past ten years could well be called the decade of the brain. Neuroscience now has the means of observing a healthy living brain in action.

Physicists have discovered parallels between the human brain, and Einstein’s quantum universe. Biological scientists are demystifying the brain’s chemical and electrical mysteries.

Trying to define our brain’s ultimate capacity is like trying to place your finger on a globule of mercury. The human brain is infinitely complex and subtle. And your amazing brain is no exception.

The Amazing Capacity of your Brain
Your brain contains a minimum 1,000,000,000,000 individual nerve cells neurons.

But this figure is even more astounding when you consider that each nerve cell can connect with as many as 100,000 other nerve cells.

If we add upthe potential capacity of your brain cells to make interconnections  the resulting number will stretch at least 10.5 million kilometers long. Isn’t that remarkable?

No known person has even approached using their full mental capacity. The human brain is virtually limitless.

It was once estimated that we use about 10% of our mental potential. Today neuroscience has dropped that estimate to less than one percent. And even that figure seems overly optimistic.

Your Thinking Cap
You’ve heard the expression thinking cap. That term refers to your brain’s cerebral cortex the cortical grey matter neuroscientists consider to be the source of your logical thinking capacity.

Your cortex is actually split into two separate sides that are connected by a fantastically dense and complex highway of nerve fibers called the corpus collosum.

In most people, the left side of the cerebral cortex deals with logical matters words, numbers, reasoning, and analysis. It spends a lot of time in the beta brainwave range.

The right side of your cerebral cortex, on the other hand, deals with imagination, images, color, day-dreaming, visualization, and pattern recognition. It tends to focus quite a bit in the alpha brainwave range that’s so highly developed in meditators.

Was Einstein Right-Brained or Left-Brained?
There’s a common assumption that most people are either right-brained OR left-brained.

If that’s true, then we must assume that the great scientific genius Albert Einstein was left-brained while the great creative master of photography Ansel Adams would then have been right-brained.

But was this the case?

An examination of the notebooks of Albert Einstein and Ansel Adams pokes huge holes in this common theory. In fact, Einstein did NOT credit his greatest scientific insights to his left-brain logic but rather to right-brain highly creative daydreaming.

And Ansel Adams credited his greatest art photographs not to his right-brain artistic eye but rather to his left-brain detailed analytical note taking.

The Whole-Brain Secret
Actually – your most powerful and expansive mental activities are those using both sides of your cortex.

If you describe yourself as primarily creative or intuitive right-brained, or analytical and logical left-brained, you are just describing the side of the cortex you have most successfully developed.

With the correct nurturing, the other side of your cortex can also flourish and develop! This has the potential to double your mind power.

Get Immediate Results
There’s an outrageously powerful way for you to immediately refine the non-dominant side of your cortex. Great athletes do it. So do top executives, famous artists, and people from all walks of life who seek to excel in their lives.

On first reading, the following solution may seem too simple to be effective. But just give it a try, and you’ll be amazed at the expanded depth of your mental capacity.

The solution? Do what Einstein and Ansel Adams did.

If you’re analytical encourage yourself to daydream. And if you’re instead predominantly creative encourage yourself to begin to logically analyze your creative efforts.

Notice as many details of life or a problem as possible. Activate your mind and ask yourself what if. And begin to pay more attention to your mental wanderings.

Build Your Mental Focus
A really big key to making this work is commitment and mental focus.

Here’s why: The instant you commit, and focus your amazing brain on a single thought, you fire up laser-like mental power. In that millisecond you actually physically strengthen your brain’s neural networks attached to that thought or goal.

This is the true key to peak performance and masters-level performance in all areas of life.

Want to TRIPLE your brain power? Dr Jill would like to help! What type of peak performance would YOU like to experience? Would you like to feel the power of reaching a major goal in only 6 weeks from start to finish? Click here.

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The Power of Thoughts

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energy_thumbModern neuroscience has established that our thoughts tend to influence our reality. But just how powerful are your thoughts, and what are they capable of doing?

Do thoughts heal?
The power of placebos is a well documented medical finding. The placebo effect occurs when a treatment or medication with no real therapeutic value like a sugar pill is given to a patient, and their symptoms still improve.

What is believed to occur with placebos is this: The patient thinks they have been given something to heal their condition, and because they expect to improve, they actually DO improve.

Bruce Lipton, PhD geneticist and researcher, claims that over 30% of all medical healings and surgeries are the result of the mind-controlled placebo effect. He is also convinced that our thoughts actually control how our genes express themselves.

The case of people with multiple personalities is another interesting example. The physical appearance and even the actual health of people with multiple personalities can actually change depending on which of their multiple personalities is present at any given time. Studies have shown, for example, that one personality may have blue eyes, while the other has brown eyes.

There has even been a case where one personality had clinically serious cancer, while the other personality did not. In short, the thoughts of the personality that is manifesting have an immediate and very real impact on their physical body.

Can thoughts change physical outcomes?
Decades ago psychologists determined that some people can influence the outcome of a coin toss or a roll of dice simply by focusing their thoughts on a preferred outcome.

Similar experiments are currently being conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program using computerized random event generators. The subjects focus on using their thoughts to influence the subsequent random number sets. The success of some people is so exact that their results are mathematically equivalent to winning the lottery 9 to 10 times in a row.

Do our thoughts affect other living things?
Years ago biologist Clove Backster began to measure the responses of plants to stress. He discovered that plants DO have increased stress levels during times of danger. If an experimenter threatened to burn a plant with a match, for example, the plant registered a spike on the stress machine.

But what intrigued Backster even more was that plants registered a stress spike even if the experimenter only thought about burning the plant.

Other scientists have conducted studies that clearly indicate the power of thoughts both positive and negative on animals, bacteria, and even living cells.

Do our thoughts affect other people?
Pairs of people have been placed into separate isolated rooms to determine if a stimulation to one will be felt by the other. One person was stimulated with images, sounds, or mild electric shock while measuring the effect on the non-stimulated person.

It was found that both individuals experience similar physical reactions and brainwave patterns during the stimulation even though only one of them was stimulated. Such synchronization of brainwave patterns and physical reactions is not normally found in people who have never met.

There is also growing evidence that remote healing and prayer have an impact on other human beings. In one study, remote healers from various backgrounds sent healing thoughts to AIDS patients. The remarkable results included improved T-cell counts, fewer illnesses and increased longevity.

Can thoughts transcend time and space?
Remote Viewing (RV) is the ability to access and provide accurate information about an item or event that is remote from the viewer. An example might be a person who is sitting in an office in California accurately describing in detail a building in Australia that they have never visited or seen in any way.

Both US and Russian experimenters and many university programs have long investigated remote viewing. Although remote viewing is not 100% accurate and reproducible, there is strong scientific evidence to support it. Russell Targ, the co-founder of Stanford Research institute, reports accuracy of up to 10,000 miles away, and with abilities to describe the past, present and future events for target locations.

Do thoughts truly create our reality?
Add up the above, and it becomes evident that we truly create our own reality, from our physical health… to our ability to influence other people and even our environment.

But there is something else at work here.

That something else is the power of the subconscious mind, which operates much like a movie camera from birth on. True, your thoughts DO create the many aspects of your reality even how your genes do or do not turn on; but it is ultimately the lifetime of memories and impressions stored in your subconscious mind that set the stage for your thoughts.

This underscores the importance of becoming aware of our automatic beliefs and assumptions which rise up from the subconscious mind, and replacing them with more positive and current thoughts.

Life is full of opportunities and second chances. The secret is to be willing to take them.Check it out..

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