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mind powerSuper Human Mind Power?

What is super human mind power, and is it really possible to develop? Recently I saw a replay of a remarkable Science/Discovery Channel program about four real people with truly extraordinary super human mind  powers.

One was a man from the Netherlands they called *the Ice Man.* This remarkable fellow has an amazing ability to withstand extreme cold using mind power alone.

The program showed him running a half marathon in the Arctic wearing nothing but shorts. Although the temperature was -30 degrees Centigrade, he ran topless and barefoot.

Super Human Mind Power in Action

After, his doctor said they would have to amputate his toes because they were frozen dead. No problem for the Ice Man. He simply *willed* his toes back to life with his super mind powers. Of course the doctor was deeply shocked.

Then there was a man from Germany who solves complex formulas in his head faster than anyone using a calculator. Again, this fellow also had unusual super mind power — he can also speak entire sentences backwards. Try this, and get amazed.

Another example of unusual super mind power —  the blind painter really shocked me. Although born without eyes, this man paints beautiful scenic paintings with his fingers. Then there was the woman from Switzerland they called *The Synaesthete.* Synaesthesia is a rare neurological condition characterized by an odd fusion of one’s senses.

She was able to both see and taste music. According to her, each musical note has a specific color and pattern. And certain musical notes actually produce specific flavors on her tongue.

Is Super Human Mind Power Really Possible?

This brings to my mind the absolute fact that we have no idea of the limits of our powerful super human minds.

The brilliant American psychologist William James said: *Compared to what we should be, we are only half alive. We are making use of only a small part of our mind power. Deep down inside of us are vast powers we know nothing of and never use.*

We are all blessed with awesome potential super mind power. Your mind has the power to answer and solve any of your problems, dilemmas and personal challenges.

You have the power to create a perfect life.  If you learn how to unleash the vast unlimited potential of your mind power, infinite resources are at your command. You are not limited in any way by your environment, your background, your intelligence or even by lack of money.

Here are 3 ways to develop your mind power:

3 Steps to Superhuman Mind Power

1. Believe. The first key to unleashing your mind power is to simply claim it. Belief in yourself and your potential is the most important factor in harnessing your incredible mental gifts.

Try this for a week: Before you begin the day, spend a few minutes first creating your day in your mind. Think of it exactly the way you want it to unfold. Carry these thoughts and pictures with you as you go about your day. Try not to negate them with negative or fearful thinking. You will begin to see a pattern emerge. By the end of the week you will begin to see the results of how powerful you are creating your own reality.

2. Focus. People who exhibit strong mental powers have a refined ability to concentrate. If they have a goal, it is sharp, clear-cut and definite. For example, if they want a certain amount of money, they focused on the actual amount.

Concentration is crucial to harnessing your mental powers and getting the results you seek.  So… how can you develop the ability to concentrate? By simply waking up more of your idle brain cells.

One excellent way to develop concentration is by writing. Writing forces us to concentrate and think accurately. The act of writing harnesses a large collection of brain cells and forces them to produce thoughts. So if you are dealing with a challenging problem, try writing about it.  

3. Meditate. One of the best ways to develop clear focus is by meditating. If you have never meditated before, try this simple method: Find a quiet place, and silently focus on a flower or some other appealing object for as long as you can. You may find you are struggling with “monkey mind.” Just relax, release your thoughts, and simply gaze at the flower. With practice you will be able to still your mind for longer and longer periods.

The *Ice Man* was a dedicated meditator. Because of this he could simply focus his mind and  heal his dead frozen toes. Imagine what that means in terms of our ability to heal our bodies.

We each have the choice to accept life as it just *happens* to us, or we can develop our mind and create our reality to better provide what we want.

To unlock your full human potential, you must harness your brain’s incredible powers.  If YOU want to explore the power of instant deep meditation … enter into higher states of consciousness … further develop your native intelligence … explore *Zone level* creativity, mind power and intuition … or simply make your life a more exciting place to be, come experience => Your Own Super |Human Mind Power

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