Does Stress Really Kill Brain Cells?

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neural_networkWonder what’s happening in your brain when you’re stressed?

Here are some facts you need to know:

PROBLEM 1: Loss of Brain Tissue from Stress
Stress kills brain cells. UCSF researchers report that stress causes a serious loss of brain tissue from brain cell death. Washington University School of Medicine researchers report that even mild flare-ups of psychological stress damage memory and brain functions.

A major National Institute of Health’s study shows that even mild stress releases a brain enzyme linked to bipolar manic-depressive disorder. This explains why stress leads to disturbed thinking, impaired judgment, impulsivity, and distractibility.


Over 40 years of research and clinical studies have proven that brainwave training can immediately reduce your stress, repair the damage, and train your brain how to avoid future stress-related damage. It is the ultimate stress management tool.

PROBLEM 2: Physical Brain Shrinkage
Many researchers have found that certain thinking patterns damage thinking and memory, and even result in physical brain shrinkage.

Dr Lupien of Montreal’s McGill University studied brains scans of 92 people over 15 years. The brains of those with low self-esteem had shrunk to 20% smaller than those who felt optimistic and good about themselves. The low self-esteem individuals also performed far worse in memory and learning tests.

Research has proven your brain is capable of full recovery. It is actually plastic, and with the correct stimulation can continue to grow even into advanced age.

Researchers Siegfried and Othmer report that frequent brainwave training yields a 23% increase in IQ plus substantial increases in self-esteem, motivation and energy.

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How to Build Mind Power

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Thinking Builds Connections

Recent research on the physical results of thinking have clearly demonstrated that just challenging your  brain by thinking actually increases the number of connections between your brain cells. The more we think, the better our brain function – regardless of age.

The famed researcher Dr. Marion Diamond says the brain can change at any age. In fact, older brains may often have an advantage. She discovered that highly developed neurons respond even better to intellectual enrichment than less developed (younger) ones do. You can build your mind power, regardless of your age!

Walking Builds Brain Power
Walking is especially good for your brain and mind power, because it increases blood circulation, and thus more oxygen and glucose reach your brain. And since walking isn’t strenuous, your muscles use up the extra oxygen and glucose like they do during more intense forms of exercise.

Walking may seem to clear your head and help you to think better because is oxygenates your brain. Also the increased blood flow to the brain enhances your brain’s energy production and waste removal. Several studies now show that in response to exercise, cerebral blood vessels grow, even in middle-aged, in response to exercise.

A Toe Wiggle Brain Exercise
Wiggling your toes  immediately activates a set of nerves that stimulate your brain and internal organs?  Try this mind power exercise in the morning before you get out of bed: Slowly begin to move your toes any way that feels good to you. Try moving them all and once, and then in smaller groups.

You can also do this exercise after sitting for an extended period of time. You will be surprised at how it helps you become more alert and energized.

A Daily Brain Building Exercise
Here’s a do it now exercise that will immediately develop your mind power by creating new physical neural connections: Switch the hand you’re using to control your computer mouse and begin to use the hand you normally avoid.  If you immediately feel uncomfortable and awkward, that’s a good sing that your brain is struggling to learn a new skill.

Try expanding this to other everyday routines such as getting out of bed on the opposite side, holding your brush or toothbrush with the other hand, driving a different route to the store or work, etc.

Brainwave Training
In the final analysis, the fastest way to build your mind power is through the regular use of engineered brainwave training. There’s a reason Dr. Deepak Chopra calls brainwave training the medicine of the future. You can immediately bust your stress, develop amazing mental clarity, and even raise your IQ or overcome ADD and ADHD. Check out the Self Growth Planet!